Have a party 請客

Aug. 19                      Wed.                       Morning fog/Sun
八月十九日                  星期三                  晨霧後晴


Shining streamers wave under the grape arbor.

In the pear tree
Visitor:” Are you gonna have a party?”
訪客:” 你們要請客?”

Nung-fu:”Yep!  While the fruits invite the birds, the streamers scare them away.”
農夫:”是啊? 水果引來鳥雀, 金線嚇跑牠們.”

X            X            X

Visitor:”I’ve never had any fruit from my tree.  Year after year, flowers and tiny fruits all
coverd it in spring.  Suddenly, the fruits drop off over one night.”
訪客:”我從沒吃過自家樹上的水果. 一年又一年, 春天果樹開花結出滿滿一樹的小果子.  突然 一夜之間全掉光光.”

Nung-fu:”Did you water it?”

Visitor:”Yes, I did.”

Nung-fu:”How did you do it?”

Visitor:”Drip 10 minutes a day.”

Nung-fu:”Not enough water.  At least, drip over night.”
農夫:”水給太少了, 至少滴過夜.”

X               X                X

Visitor:”What are those ants busy about in my peach tree after the fruits all gone?
訪客:”收成後, 螞蟻在桃樹上忙些什麼?”

Nung-fu:”The fruit trees are growing new leaves after harvest.  Where there are  ants,    there are aphids.   Spread the trunks to stop the ants coming and rub off the aphids
on the new leaves before they get worse.”
農夫:”收成後果樹會長新葉.  芽蟲走到哪裡, 螞蟻就到那裡.  趕快在樹幹噴藥驅蟻並抹去新葉上的芽蟲.”


Billy and the dog



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