Loquat Club/2010, Goat meat stew w/Fava flower 枇杷俱樂部/2010, 蠶豆花燜羊肉

Apr. 1                     Thur.                   Night rain/Sun/Cloud
四月一日                星期四                  夜雨晨晴有雲


Loquat Club/2010

In May and June, between spring and summer, the loquats are getting ripe.
Rurality lovers, come to join the Loquat Club!

Meet at the beginning of the following months, first Saturday,
Apr/3, May/1, Jun/5, Jul/3, Aug/7, Sep/4
Hours:  10:00AM-2:00PM
Work: Assign a loquat tree for yourself in 2010, and then trim, thin, pluck, prune…..
Lunch: Potluck(DWfarm offers 1 seasonal farm dish)
Harvest: The fruits of the whole season from the assigned loquat tree belongs to you( No less than 30-50lb/Tree).  In addition to the satisfactory of expecting loquat growth and getting to know other farmers who like rurality the same as you do, it is also full of fun to have Nung-fu and Nung-fuh share their experiences being the owners of the loquat trees, to be undisturbed with birds, animals, plants in the wide open, and to enjoy the natrual tree ripe loquats so delicious.
Fee: $100.00/Year( Around $2.00-3.00 Dollars/lb of loquat, market price around $2.99-4.99/lb)
Enrollment: Please email to    dw.farm1@yahoo.com

***Respond:            5 persons
***Enrollment:        2 persons


五六月, 春夏之交, 樹上的枇杷漸漸成熟.
嚮往田園生活的朋友們, 快來參加枇杷俱樂部!

月初, 第一個星期六, 聚會一次
Apr/3, May/1, Jun/5, Jul/3, Aug/7, Sep/4
時間: 10:00AM-2:00PM
工作:認定一棵2010年專屬枇杷樹, 修枝, 摘果, 採收, 整樹….
收穫:全季枇杷統統歸屬枇杷樹主(不少於30-50lb枇杷/樹). 除了期待枇杷成長滿足感, 認識喜愛田園樂同好, 並且有經驗農夫農婦與您分享做枇杷樹主人的寶貴心得, 接觸完全不受干擾的鳥雀動物植物大自然, 享受樹上天然成熟的美味枇杷, 不亦樂乎!
會費:$100元/年(約合枇杷 $2-3元/磅, 市價約 $2.99-4.99/磅)
報名: 請電郵至   dw.farm1@yahoo.com

***回應:  5 人
***報名:  2 人

b100401_39650001Fava flowers
Farmer’s simple food —-Goat meat stew w/Fava flower

Goat meat, sliced
Fava beans, cooked
Fava flowers, 1 pinch, cooked in boiling water for 20 sec.
rice wine, 1 Ts
Soy sauce, 3 Ts
Ginger, 1 slice


Add water into the pot over the goat meat
Bring water to the boiling, add ginger and rice wine and soy sauce, then simmer for about 45-60 min or till the goat meat is tender
Add water if it gets too dry in the pot
When the meat is tender, remove it to a plate, add fave beans and fave flowers


羊肉, 切片
蠶豆, 煮熟
蠶豆花, 1小撮, 滾水燙20秒
米酒, 1湯匙
醬油, 3湯匙
薑, 1片

水煮滾, 加薑片米酒醬油, 小火燜煮約45-60分鐘或至羊肉軟爛
太乾了, 加水煮.
待肉煮軟後, 移羊肉去盤內, 加蠶豆與蠶豆花

Today’s work

Nung-fu__Clean the incubator
Nung-fuh__Get rid of the slugs

About 翠軒TsueyShuian, Cui Xuan

農婦 Nung-fuh(Farmer's wife) 與農夫在山腳下耕種 Farming at the foothill of Santa Anna Peak with Nung-fu(Farmer)
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