Hay for the wet days/Loquat club 雨季用乾草/枇杷俱樂部

July 29                        Thur.                    Morning fog/ Sun
七月廿九日                 星期四                   晨霧後晴
b100729_56440001 There is no rain in the near future.
Nung-fu order hay to deliver for the rainy season. 農夫訂了乾草送貨備雨季需用.

There are too many farmers grow hay for sell on the market this year, only few buyers want it.
今年太多農人種乾草拿到市售, 只有少數人購買.
Hay price drops down to half of it was before.
I feel bad for those hay growers.
我替種乾草農人叫屈. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Today’s farm work

Nung-fu__Trim the rose in rose area
Nung-fuh__Trim the rose around farmhouse
農婦__農舍四周玫瑰修枝 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Loquat Club/2010—-Clear loquat and take dry loquat home for tea
Meeting:  10:00AM-2:00PM on Aug. 7, Saturday
Work: Clear dried loquat
Lunch: Potluck(Farm: Peach pan cake)
集會:  八月七日, 星期六      上午10:00-下午2:00
工作:  清除乾枇杷
午餐:  一會員一菜(農場: 桃子煎餅)

About 翠軒TsueyShuian, Cui Xuan

農婦 Nung-fuh(Farmer's wife) 與農夫在山腳下耕種 Farming at the foothill of Santa Anna Peak with Nung-fu(Farmer)
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4 Responses to Hay for the wet days/Loquat club 雨季用乾草/枇杷俱樂部

  1. Lydia Chan says:

    Attended TFGHAA meeting last Sunday and saw your ad on the year book about Loquet club. Do not know what is involved.
    I love Loquet but my loquet will not produce fruit. We probably have a lot of undergrond water which brings nurtriant to florish leaves only. It only produced one year when one limb was torn half way thru. 2 years ago I put in few big nails in the trunk. Did not work. Does this qualify to join your club??


  2. Thanks for your inquiry.
    Right now, loquat fruits just started growing. I’ll let you know when the Loquat Club is ready to recruit new members.

    DW Farm

  3. Connie Chang says:

    Is your farm open only 1st and 3rd weekend of each month? If so, we are planning on going in a couple of weeks, 6/16/12.

    Do you have any Loquat right now? Do you sell duck eggs?

  4. Thanks for your comment.
    We welcome visitors only when the farm is open. Farm opens not exactly every 1st and 3rd week of each month. It will be open in the next month, July 7, Saturday. Please do not come 6/16.
    Loquat will be ready in July.
    Sorry, we don’t sell duck eggs.

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