Book for sale-Tidbits of the farm 圖書出售-農場小故事

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十二月一日            星期三                晨霜後晴

Tidbits of the farm(Chinese-English,  supplementary readings for 8 years old & up)  By Tsuey-Shuan   $20.00
農場小故事(簡明中英對照, 老少咸宜, 8-128歲補充讀物)  翠軒著  售價$20.00 -


10 years of farming…. 10 years of observing…. 10 years of writing….

…Follow the nature… Back to the origin… Down deep of the soul…

~~~~Little stories     Interesting novelties     Never heard before~~~~
~~~~小小故事   珍奇有趣    聞所未聞~~~~

~~~Animals with feelings      Plants with senses~~~
~~~~動物有情  植物有知~~~

Knowing the nature approaches of living, more or less, enhances knowing ourselves, the human beings.
“Tidbits of the farm” is about the real life of the farm animals and plants, “The squirrel and the persimmon”, “The lemon tree”, “The dog and the chicken”, “The guinea fowl thought itself as a peacock”,……
領會大自然生存之道, 或可略通人性一二。
「農場小故事」記農場動植物實地生活的一點一滴, 「松鼠與柿子」, 「檸檬樹」, 「雞狗賽跑」, 「自認是孔雀的珠雞」,…..

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World Journal South Bay Book store
19701 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, CA 95014
Tel (408)873-3233

Scripture, Inc.
10871 N Wolf Rd., Cupertino, CA 95014
Tel (408)863-1288


Tidbits of the farm—-66. The guinea fowl thought itself as a peacock

A guinea fowl raised with peacocks since hatching, thought it was as beautiful and noble as the peacocks.
After it grew up, Nung-fu sent it back to the pond to live together with the other three guinea fowls.
With graceful struts, it always moved alone to a far distance, thinking the others were aliens.
The three guinea fowls welcomed it and walked up to it.
To their surprise, it turned its head and left them behind.
The three guinea fowls perched high on the gazebo fence, which was reliably safe after dark.  only the guinea fowl raised with peacocks rested under the willow tree by itself.
In the midnight, wild animals searched around the bank of the pond.   By a hairbreadth, the guinea fowl barely escaped death.  It immediately flew up to the gazebo fence to sit with the others.
Forget about beauty, forget about nobility.

農場小故事—-66. 自認為是孔雀的珠雞

一隻珠雞從小與孔雀養在一起, 以為自己是隻美麗高貴的孔雀.
珠雞長大, 農夫將牠放回池邊, 與原有的三隻珠雞共同生活.
踏著優越的步伐, 牠總是遠遠的單獨行動.  反將那些珠雞當異類.
三隻珠雞歡迎牠, 走去與牠相會合.
不料, 牠避走開了.  不理不睬牠們.
天黑之後, 珠雞都高棲池邊五角涼亭的圍欄上, 安全可靠.  唯有牠, 獨宿柳樹下.
夜半, 野獸來到池邊, 大肆搜索.  牠險些喪命.  嚇得牠趕緊飛上五角涼亭高圍欄, 與大家靠在一起.
再也不想美麗, 再也不想高貴了.

About 翠軒TsueyShuian, Cui Xuan

農婦 Nung-fuh(Farmer's wife) 與農夫在山腳下耕種 Farming at the foothill of Santa Anna Peak with Nung-fu(Farmer)
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