Shepherd’s purse/Shepherd’s purse won-ton 薺菜/薺菜餛飩

Dec. 31                         Fri.                      Morning frost/Sun
十二月卅一日             星期五                晨霜後晴

Rainy season comes early,
So is the Shepherd’s purse season.


Taste of Home Town—-Shepherd’s purse won-ton

Won-ton wraps
A handful of Shepherd’s purse plants, cleaned, cut off root and roughly chopped.
Ground pork, 1/2 lb
Soy sauce, 2-3 Ts
Rice wine, 2-3 ts
Salt, 1/2 ts
Water for inside of won-ton, 2-3 Ts
Water for cooking won-ton, 1/2 pot

Mix shepherd’s purse, ground pork, soy sauce, rice wine, salt, water well
Wrap won-tons up
Pour water to 1/2 of the pot
Add won-tons when water boil
Again it boils, add water and keep cooking
Won-tons are cooked after 3 times of boil






薺菜, 一手把, 清洗, 去根, 粗斬.
絞肉, 1/2磅
醬油, 2-3湯匙
米酒, 2-3茶匙
鹽, 1/2茶匙
水, 用於餛魨內餡, 2-3湯匙
水, 用於烹煮餛魨, 1/2鍋

倒水入鍋, 半滿
水煮滾後, 下餛飩
一滾後, 加水再煮
三滾後, 餛飩熟



About 翠軒TsueyShuian, Cui Xuan

農婦 Nung-fuh(Farmer's wife) 與農夫在山腳下耕種 Farming at the foothill of Santa Anna Peak with Nung-fu(Farmer)
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2 Responses to Shepherd’s purse/Shepherd’s purse won-ton 薺菜/薺菜餛飩

  1. Sunny Chen says:

    Please tell me where I can find Shepherd’s purse locally in San Jose area. I tried to plant them through seeds from China, but no luck. I still have some seeds (4 -5 years old). How do I plant them? Your advise is highly appreciated. Many Thanks and Happy Spring.


  2. Sorry I really don’t know where to find Shepherd’s purse in San Jose area.
    You might give those 4-5 years old seeds a try, plant them in a raised bed or a special area where you watch them growing intensively and learn the difference between weeds and shepherd’s purse.
    Good luck!

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