Sunflower 向日葵

Nov.2                              Fri.                       Sun
十一月二日                    星期五                 晴

Sunflower asks bee, ” Am I pretty?”
向日葵問蜜蜂, ” 我美嗎?”
Bee: ” You got nectar.  You are very pretty.”
蜜蜂: ” 你有蜜. 你很美.”

Sunflower asks butterfly: ” Am I pretty?”
向日葵問蝴蝶: ” 我美嗎?”
Butterfly answers: ” Who cares?  I am the prettiest!”
蝴蝶回答: “誰管哟? 我最美啦!”

About 翠軒TsueyShuian, Cui Xuan

農婦 Nung-fuh(Farmer's wife) 與農夫在山腳下耕種 Farming at the foothill of Santa Anna Peak with Nung-fu(Farmer)
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