Sesame candy 黑芝麻糖

Feb  22               Sun
二月廿二日        星期日

Sesame candy 黑芝麻糖

Black sesame  2 lbs  roast 5min(roasted available in Korean market)
Maltose       3/5 or 3/4 cup
Sugar         1 1/3 cups
Water         2/3 cup
Roast pan covered w/1 lightly greased plastic food wrap

黑芝麻(1包)  2磅  烤5分鐘(韓國超市有售)
白芝麻或/無     1/2磅
麥芽糖     3/5或3/4杯
白糖     1 1/3杯
水      2/3杯
保鮮膜置烤盤上  抹一層薄薄的油

1. Low heat, stir sugar and water in the pot until it bubbles, add maltose, stir to melt
2. Add sesames, well mix with sugar, remove it to the roast pan
3. Put 1 plastic wrap on it, firm with rolling pin
4. Cut into small pc after it gets cool

1. 小火煮白糖加水, 攪動鍋內至水滾, 倒入麥芽糖, 攪動至化開
2. 倒入芝麻, 攪拌均勻, 倒進烤盤
3. 上鋪保鮮膜, 擀麵棍壓平實
4. 放涼後, 切小片


(2/22, 2015 紐約世界日報美食”吃出健康來”)

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