A pot of garlic chives 一盆韮菜

June 3     Sat       Morning fog/Sun
六月三日     星期六      晨霧後晴

I planted a pot of garlic chives last year

Water only, no fertilizer
只給水 沒給肥料
Pick exact a handful of garlic chives

Let’s make fried garlic chive turnovers

Farmer’s simple food-Fried garlic chive turnovers

Skin     Mix 3 cups flour with 1 cup boiling water into dough

Ground pork      Marinate in wine & soy sauce
Shrimp           6   minced
Dry bean curd    diced small
Egg              Scrambled into crumbs
Soy sauce
Water, for juicy pork

1. Cut the dough into small pieces, roll each one thin and round with rolling pin to make the skin
2. Mix ground pork, shrimp, dry bean curd, egg, salt, soy sauce, water
3. Put the filling on half of the skin, wrap it up, low heat fry with a touch of oil till both sides golden brown


皮    三杯麵粉一杯滾水, 做成麵糰

絞豬肉  酒、醬油醃漬
蝦     6隻  細切
豆乾    切小丁
蛋     炒碎

水, 使豬肉多汁

1. 麵糰切小, 桿麵棍桿薄且圓成皮
2. 混合餡料
3. 將餡放在皮的半邊, 裹住, 用少許油低溫煎至兩面金黃

Raw garlic chive turnover

Low heat fry

About 翠軒TsueyShuian, Cui Xuan

農婦 Nung-fuh(Farmer's wife) 與農夫在山腳下耕種 Farming at the foothill of Santa Anna Peak with Nung-fu(Farmer)
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