Pseudo-ginseng, a curtain of green summer 田七, 一簾夏綠

June 6                Tue                  Sun
六月六日           星期二             晴

Edible Pseudo-ginseng(Sanqi)
A curtain of green summer

Pick up Pseudo-ginseng leaves for kitchen use

#1 Farmer’s simple food – Stir fry Pseudo-ginseng leaves

Pseudo-ginseng leaves    a handful   chopped or/n
Colored pepper           shredded   cooked
Ginger        1 slice   shredded
Oil          1 Ts

1. Pour oil in medium high heated pan, fry ginger till scented
2. Stir fry pseudo-ginseng leaves, cover for 5 seconds
3. Add colored pepper & salt, roughly stir fry

#1 農家食譜-清炒田七葉

田七葉  1手把  切碎或/不切碎
彩椒   切絲  煮熟
薑    1片   切絲
油    1湯匙

1. 油入中熱鍋, 炒薑絲至聞到薑味
2. 翻炒田七葉, 蓋5秒鐘
3. 加彩椒、鹽, 略炒

#2  Farmer’s simple food – Pseudo-ginseng leaves fry w/Seafood

Pseudo-ginseng leaves     cooked
Seafood(sliced fish fillet, or shelled shrimp, … marinate in wine)
Ginger    1 or 2 slices    shredded
Oil     2 Ts

1. Pour oil in medium high heated pan, fry ginger till scented
2. Saute seafood till both sides golden brown
3. Add pseudo-ginseng leaves & salt, gently stir fry

#2 農家食譜- 田七葉炒海鮮

田七葉   煮熟
海鮮(魚片, 蝦仁等… 酒醃漬)
薑   1或2片    切絲
油   2湯匙

1. 油入中熱鍋, 炒薑絲至聞到薑味
2. 軟煎海鮮至兩面金黃
3. 加田七葉、鹽, 輕輕翻炒

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