A patch of zucchini field 一片櫛瓜田

Sep 8             Fri              Morning fog/Sun
九月八日       星期五       晨霧後晴

There are thirty some crowded zucchini plants
Growing in a small patch of zucchini field
I set a net around to keep the cotton tails away
A cotton tail comes hiding in there after all
Nung-Fu misses it, and it runs off
I let the weeds grow to prevent gopher taking the zucchini plants
One gopher gets the roots and pulls the plants one by one down to underground after all
Luckily there are plenty of zucchini plants
The loss of 7 or 8 plants means nothing at all

It’s getting colder and autumn is here
I’ll just leave everything to next year

野兔還是來了 躲進田裡
農夫沒打著牠 給牠跑掉了
我讓野草長大 就怕地鼠吃櫛瓜苗
地鼠還是找著櫛瓜根 將苗一株一株拉下地
損失七、八株苗 不算什麼

天氣漸漸轉涼 秋天到了

Farmer’s simple food

#Zucchini beef

Beef  sliced  marinate w/wine、soy sauce  mix 1Ts oil before cooking
Yellow & green zucchini   sliced thin  half cooked
Tomato   sliced
Ginger   Shredded
Oil     2Ts
Green veggi   chopped & set off the plate

1. Pour 2Ts oil in a heated pan, add ginger shreds, fry to aroma, add beef, fry until turning white
2. Add tomato & zucchini, fry until beef without bloody red, remove to the plate


牛肉  切片 酒、醬油醃漬 下鍋前加1湯匙油拌勻
黃、綠櫛瓜  切薄片 煮半生熟
番茄  切片
薑   切絲
油   2湯匙
綠蔬   切碎擺盤

1. 2湯匙油入熱鍋, 加薑絲炒香, 加牛肉片炒至略變白
2. 加番茄片、櫛瓜片, 炒至牛肉無血色, 盛起裝盤

#Zucchini pot sticker

Inside of pot sticker
Grounded meat
Shrimp  shelled  chopped
Zucchini     chopped
Ginger      chopped
Soy sauce
Sesame oil   as desired

Outside of pot sticker(Skin)
Purchase from Chinese supermarket or/Home made(3 cups flour:1 cup boiling water)


蝦仁  剁碎
櫛瓜  剁碎

麻油  隨意

中國超市購買或自製(滾水燙麵 3杯麵粉:1杯水)

#Zucchini beef bone steak

Beef bone steak   marinate w/wine,soy sauce
Onion   cut large
Yellow & green zucchini   sliced thick
Ginger  slices
Garlic cloves   peeled & crushed
Oil  1Ts

1. Pour oil in a heated pan, fry ginger & garlic to aroma, fry onion turning golden brown
2. Add beef bone steak, roughly fry, add water to cover steak, bring to boiling, simmer until steak tender
3. Add zucchini & salt, cook to the steak melt


牛骨肉  酒、醬油醃漬
洋蔥   切大片
黃、綠櫛瓜  切厚片
蒜粒  去皮 壓碎
油  1湯匙

1. 油入熱鍋, 薑片、蒜粒爆香, 炒洋蔥至金黃
2. 加牛骨肉略炒, 加水過牛骨肉, 煮滾, 小火燜煮至肉軟
3. 加櫛瓜與鹽, 煮至牛骨肉軟爛

About 翠軒TsueyShuian, Cui Xuan

農婦 Nung-fuh(Farmer's wife) 與農夫在山腳下耕種 Farming at the foothill of Santa Anna Peak with Nung-fu(Farmer)
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