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Book for sale-Jenny farm fairy tales 圖書出售-王姥姥農場童話故事

Dec. 2                      Thur.                     Morning frost/Sun 十二月二日            星期四                   晨霜後晴 – Jenny farm fairy tales(1)/DVD(Traditional/Simplify Chinese-English for 3-5 years old and up)  By Tsuey-Shuan  $25.00 王姥姥農場童話故事(一)附DVD(繁简中英, 適合3-5歲幼兒與童心人) 翠軒手繪配音 售價$25.00

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Book for sale-Tidbits of the farm 圖書出售-農場小故事

Dec. 1                      Wed.                   Morning frost/Sun 十二月一日            星期三                晨霜後晴 – Tidbits of the farm(Chinese-English,  supplementary readings for 8 years old & up)  By Tsuey-Shuan   $20.00 農場小故事(簡明中英對照, 老少咸宜, 8-128歲補充讀物)  翠軒著  售價$20.00

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