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家鄉紹興 Home Town is ShaoShing

Glutinous rice ball/Extra work 湯圓/額外工作

Dec. 22                        Wed.                  Cloud/Sun 十二月廿二日             星期三              陰偶晴 – Tonight is the longest night of the year. 今夜是一年中最長的一夜. (冬至)

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Appreciation/Smelly tofu 感謝/臭豆腐

Dec. 4                      Sat.                    Morning Rain/Cloud 十二月四日           星期六                晨雨後陰 – Making smelly tofu to appreciate the volunteers. 做臭豆腐感謝義工.

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Napa cabbage/Pickled Napa cabbage 包心白菜/鹽酸菜

Nov. 4                       Thur.                     Sun/Cloud 十一月四日              星期四                   晴有雲 – Napa cabbage is in season. 包心白菜盛產季到了.

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Wine turkey breast, or drunk turkey breast 醉火雞胸

Oct. 24                       Sun.                      Cloud/Rain 十月廿四日                星期日                  陰後雨 – Wine turkey breast and quince jam to celebrate my neighbor moving into a new build house.

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The volunteer/Smelly Tofu 義工/臭豆腐

Jun 12                    Sat.                   Sun 六月十二日            星期六              晴 – Lost & Found

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15 ducklings/Chinese Ham Tzong Tz, 15隻小丫丫/火腿粽子

Jun 2                      Wed.                   Sun 六月二日                 星期三               晴 – - Together the duck sister hatched 15 ducklings.

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You want water 你要水

Apr.20                    Tue.                     Rain 四月廿日                 星期二                  雨 – It rains cats and dogs.

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