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Beer can/Fresh day lily flower with Dry Tofu 啤酒罐/新鮮金針花豆乾

July 5                      Mon.                     Morning fog/Sun 七月五日                 星期一                  晨霧後晴 – Nung-fuh:”They like the beer can.”

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This is a good neighbor all about/Shrimp Tofu Chow Mien 好鄰居亦如此/蝦仁豆腐炒麵

May 25                       Tue.                   Cloud/Rain 五月廿五日                 星期二               陰後雨 – - There are  few used empty barrels on my neighbor’s field.

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Under the rose bush/Beef Tofu 玫瑰花下/豆腐炒牛肉

May 6                       Thur.                      Sun 五月六日                  星期四                     晴 – While trimming the rose bush,

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