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貴賓佳饌 Guest’s Delicacy

Sweet all through the year 一年甜到底

Jan.26                        Mon.                      Sun 一月廿六日                星期一                    晴 Chinese believe, 老中相信, Sweets in the beginning of the new year, 過新年食甜,

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Nut trees 堅果樹

Oct.24 Fri. Sun 十月廿四日 星期五 晴 There are two nut trees, walnut and pecan, on the farm. 農場有兩株堅果樹,核桃與大核桃. We go nutting under the walnut tree. 我們在核桃樹下撿核桃.

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Visitor’s delicacy:Winter coat, or Shuba 貴賓佳餚:冬裝

Aug. 5 Tue. Morning fog/Sun 八月五日 星期二 晨霧後晴 This is a Russian gourmet food. 這是一道俄國美食. Herring is from the ocean. 鯡魚產在大洋. Red beets sure make Shuba looks warm in the freezing winter. 紅紅的甜菜確使shuba有冰天雪地中的暖意.

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