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A tiny dragonfly 咪咪小蜻蜓

Oct. 26                           Fri.                           Sun 十月廿六日                   星期五                      晴 – At the corner of veggie garden,  the inconspicuous mugworts have silently flowered, 不起眼的艾草在菜園角落靜靜地開花,

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Lady bug/Smelly tofu 瓢蟲/臭豆腐

May 24                        Tue                      Sun 五月廿四日                 星期二                  晴 – A lady bug on the green leaf 綠葉上一瓢蟲

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Katydid/Dry persimmon 5 紡織娘(螽斯)/柿乾(柿餅) 5

Nov. 12                           Fri.                         Sun 十一月十二日               星期五                    晴 -

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Morning red 朝紅

Oct. 22                        Fri.                      Night rain/Sun/Rain 十月廿二日                 星期五               夜雨後晴後雨 – My mom always said,  “Morning red,     stay.”

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Morning glow 晨曦

Sep. 2                    Thur.                   Sun 九月二日              星期四                  晴 – Lavender bush

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Save a butterfly 救了一隻蝴蝶

Aug. 11                         Wed.                      Morning fog/Sun 八月十一日                  星期三                    晨霧後晴 – Poor butterfly gets stuck on the spider web,

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Lady bug 小瓢蟲

Jun 14                      Mon.                  Morning fog/Sun 六月十四日             星期一                晨霧後晴 – There is a lady bug.

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