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Autumn moon 秋月

Nov. 10                          Thur                        Morning fog/Sun 十一月十日                   星期四                      晨霧後晴 – Autumn moon, bright and complete, is full of satisfaction. 秋月, 明亮圓滿, 十全十美.

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Quince salad 榅桲沙拉

Dec. 15                        Wed.                     Morning Shower/Sun 十二月十五日            星期三                  晨毛毛雨後晴 – Quince season is almost over, 榅桲即將下市,

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Appreciation/Smelly tofu 感謝/臭豆腐

Dec. 4                      Sat.                    Morning Rain/Cloud 十二月四日           星期六                晨雨後陰 – Making smelly tofu to appreciate the volunteers. 做臭豆腐感謝義工.

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The volunteer/Smelly Tofu 義工/臭豆腐

Jun 12                    Sat.                   Sun 六月十二日            星期六              晴 – Lost & Found

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Wine test 嘗酒

Oct.24              Sat.              Sun 十月廿四日             星期六               晴 – Between the primary and secondary fermentation.

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Have a party 請客

Aug. 19                      Wed.                       Morning fog/Sun 八月十九日                  星期三                  晨霧後晴 Shining streamers wave under the grape arbor.

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Dann-Jiang University Alumni & the Hikers visited dwfarm 淡江校友與山友社友訪農場

Apr. 25                      Sat.                      Morning fog/Sun 四月廿五日                 星期六                 晨霧後晴 Papahu (Daniel Lin)

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