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Te Yung & Peter visited the farm 德蓉姐攜友來訪

Mar. 19                   Thur.                  Morning fog/Sun 三月十九日              星期四                晨霧後晴

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Wild mustard 野芥菜

Feb. 12                 Thur.                Sun/Cloud 二月十二日           星期四              晴後陰 A friend of mine asked, “Do you buy any groceries in recession?”

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Owing to the helicopters 為的是直昇機

Dec.26                      Fri.                         Morning frost/Sun 十二月廿六日          星期五                   晨霜後晴 A farm-addict visitor: “Owing to the helicopters hovering over the field very often, I like the farm.” 一位熱愛農場的訪客:” 我愛農場, 為的是常有直升機飛越田野”

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November open 十一月開放

Nov.15 Sat. Sun 十一月十五日 星期六 晴 Chris & Yueh-hua Chris和月華 X X X Thank goodness! 謝天謝地! After those rainy and chilly days, 雨天冷天後, It’s a gorgeous sunny day. 今天是個大晴天.

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Organic and nonorganic 有機與非有機

Aug.24      Sun.       Morning fog/Sun 八月廿四日    星期日        晨有霧後晴 Customer  wanted to buy the ducks, asked:”How do you raise your ducks?” 買鴨的顧客問:”你怎麼養鴨的?”

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Watching TV 看電視

Aug. 2 Sat. Sun 八月二日 星期六 晴 TV fan visitor:”Do you have a TV in the coop?” 電視迷訪客:”小屋內有電視嗎?”

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Sweet cherry 甜櫻桃

June 17, Tuesday     Morning fog, then sun 六月十七日 星期二 晨霧後晴 Visitor:”Why your cherries are so sweet?” 訪客:”為什麼你們的櫻桃好甜?”

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