Happy New Year/Guest’s delicacy–Tur-Duc-ken 新年快樂/貴賓佳饌–桃園結義(火鴨雞三層肉)

Jan. 1                         Tue.                  Sun/Cloud
一月一日                  星期二               晴有雲
Guest’s delicacy–Tur-Duc-Ken

A friend send me a frozen Tur-Duc-Ken in cooler.

There are different ways to season the meat. This one used Cajun spices.
(Cajun spice is spicy, but not hot. Instead of using salt, Cajun spices mix paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, cayenne pepper, oregano, thyme, etc.  Get more or less, as you like.)

1. Cajun spices season turkey breast, duck breast, and chicken breast.
2. Stack one layer of turkey breast, one layer of duck breast, one layer of chicken breast, and make it into a roll.
3. Remove frozen Tur-Duc-Ken from cooler to refrigerator, let it gradually thaw for 2 days.
4. Discard plastic wrap, and leave the cotton net on. Wrap it up with aluminum foil.
5. Bake at F325 for 3 hours, or until inner gets F165. Remove out of the oven.
6. Get rid of the cotton net. Cut into pieces after it gets warm.

有很多醃漬肉的方法. 這用的是Cajun調味.(Cajun 味道辛香, 但不辛辣. 不用鹽, 而是將paprika, 大蒜粉, 洋蔥粉, 黑胡椒, 小紅椒, oregano, 百里香等辛香料混合. 可隨意增減.)

1. Cajun 調味醃漬火雞胸肉鴨胸肉雞胸肉.
2. 一層一層疊放火雞鴨雞胸肉, 捲成一捲. 冷凍儲存.
3. 將肉從冷凍移冷藏, 慢慢化冰兩天.
4. 除去塑膠包裝, 留綿繩網在上. 鋁箔包裹.
5. 烤箱F325烤3小時, 或內部熱至F165. 移出烤箱.
6. 除去綿繩網. 待溫切片.

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