The swallows are bake 燕歸來

June 1              Thur                  Morning fog/Sun
六月一日         星期四               晨霧後晴

The swallows come home
Back to the old nest Continue reading

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Duan Wu Zong 端午粽

May. 28                 Sun                Morning fog/Sun
五月廿八日           星期日           晨霧後晴

Bamboo leaves and white rice wrap up the faint scent
Deep down is faraway remembering of MiLuoJiang Continue reading

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Thistle 薊

May. 23                     Tue                 Morning fog/Sun
五月廿三日               星期二            晨霧後晴

When you dance in the burning wind
I know that summer is here
I dislike you wear thorns all over
I do like your flowers
In pastel purple Continue reading

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Pass the summer away 度夏

May. 19               Fri                   Sun
五月十九日         星期五            晴

Catch the alpacas with two helpers
兩位幫手一起捉羊駝 Continue reading

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Hush! 噓!

May. 18                      Thur                        Sun
五月十八日                星期四                      晴

Cherries are ripe
Continue reading

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Rain in May 五月雨

May. 17                 Wed                 Morning fog/Sun
五月十七日           星期三             晨霧後晴

In California it seldom rains in May
Unbelievable, it rained last night
不敢相信, 昨夜下了一場雨 Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s day 母親節快樂

May. 14                Sun                 Sun
五月十四日         星期日             晴

Mother love is ……..
母愛是….. Continue reading

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