1st day of birth 出生第一天

Apr. 5                               Sun                               Sun
四月五日                         星期日                          晴

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Sesame candy 黑芝麻糖

Feb  22               Sun
二月廿二日        星期日

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柿子餅乾 Persimmon cookie

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The shadow of winter 冬之影

Jan. 3                   Sat                     Sun
一月三日             星期六               晴
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Happy New Year-The year of ram 羊年的祝福

Dec. 30                      Tue                           Sun
十二月卅日              星期二                      晴

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Christmas pork chop 聖誕排骨


Dec. 23                       Tue                          Sun
十二月廿三日           星期二                      晴

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Fog on the field 原上白露

Dec. 17                             Wed                                  Cloud

十二月十七日                 星期三                              陰
-Murky layers
陰鬱層層 Continue reading

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