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農婦 Nung-fuh(Farmer's wife) 與農夫在山腳下耕種 Farming at the foothill of Santa Anna Peak with Nung-fu(Farmer)

The autumn breeze 秋風

Oct 13             Fri               Sun 十月十三日     星期五        晴 Dancing with fallen leaves all over/ So ruthless/the autumn breeze gets colder and colder/

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One autumn afternoon 一個秋日午後

Oct 7              Sat             Sun 十月七日       星期六       晴 The afternoon sun is brightly shinning/ Leisurely floating clouds are gone/

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Moonlight dinner 月光晚餐

Oct 5              Tue             Morning fog/Sun 十月五日       星期二        晨霧後晴 Clearly bright moonlight/ As soft as the tune of violin/

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A honeybee in autumn 一隻秋天的蜜蜂

Sep 23                Sat                    Sun 九月廿三日         星期六              晴 After autumnal equinox     it gets colder Layers of red leaves on the trees are distinctive Flowers of loofa vines on the arbor keep in full bloom

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A patch of zucchini field 一片櫛瓜田

Sep 8             Fri              Morning fog/Sun 九月八日       星期五       晨霧後晴 There are thirty some crowded zucchini plants Growing in a small patch of zucchini field I set a net around to keep the cotton tails away A cotton tail comes hiding in … Continue reading

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Farm open 農場開放

Aug 16      Wed     Morning fog/Sun 八月十六日     星期三    晨霧後晴 Da-Won farm is a 10-acre land located in Hollister, a country town to the east of Gilroy. There are rose area, orchard area, veggi area, goat area, emu area, alpaca area, turkey … Continue reading

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Epiphyllum 曇花

July 20           Thursday           Sun 七月廿日         星期四               晴 Epiphyllum flowers bloom flashily when the bright moon is up above at night How graceful How transparent they are Eyes whirling around the leaves Intoxicated 曇花一現    在明月當空的夜晚 裊裊婷婷 剔透潔瑩 溜轉   … Continue reading

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